La Jolla real estate has always had great appeal. Few people on earth enjoy the type of weather and views that residents of La Jolla do. La Jolla’s appeal is primarily due to its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The city is home to several championship level golf courses that attract golfers from around the world. You can imagine the majestic beauty of the rolling green fairways framed by the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean. La Jolla is everything you have come to expect from southern California—as energizing as it is relaxing. Quality of life is high on the list of the appeal for the residents of La Jolla. The great weather lifts the spirits of the local denizens making it a particularly friendly part of the Golden State.

Real estate markets have seen significant fluctuations that last a couple of years. Keeping up with the changes has been difficult. The reasons for the fluctuations vary. Initially, the burst of the housing bubble was due to the credit crisis. Lenders began to tighten credit guidelines after many defaulted on loans. These defaults had a cascading effect on a wide range of homes, both large and small, across the economic spectrum. Few geographic locations were able to avoid the downturn unscathed. Now, foreclosures continue to plague the market in areas that were hit the hardest by the job reductions. People who were current on their loan payments, but have lost their jobs, are now faced with the potential of losing their homes.

There are areas, however, that have had some immunity to the wild fluctuations in the
real estate market. La Jolla real estate has been affected but not nearly as much as other parts of the country because of its continued attractiveness. The historically low mortgage interest rates do provide a unique opportunity for a person to take advantage of these highly sought after properties. Whether you are looking for a small condominium, or a larger estate, you will no doubt find the perfect piece of property to fit your needs.

The San Diego area is also home to a large number of U.S. Navy ships. Anyone who is a navy buff will revel in the amount of ships that enter and exit the harbor on a regular basis. The views are truly majestic and awe inspiring. On any given day you can see everything from small watercrafts to aircraft carriers. The ships and their personnel bring a large amount of economic activity to the area. Any sailor who has served will feel right at home among the hundreds of servicemen that populate the surrounding area. The naval ships are not the only boats that you will see in the harbor. The San Diego area is known for being the home of some of the most magnificent cruise ships in the world. The ocean is a common love for many of the area’s inhabitants.