Shipbuilding during 3000 BC used to be very simple, with wooden planks sewn with woven straps and assembled together to form what they call the Abydos boats. Treenails and tenon joints were also used by the early Egyptians to fasten the wooden planks together. Considering the ancient methods of ship building and inspection, it is still perplexing how the ancient conquerors and navigators like Alexander the Great were able to navigate around the world while keeping their ships in one piece.A country’s shipbuilding industry has an important role not just in commerce but also in politics. After all, a nation has to support its own trade and navy by manufacturing and repairing ships. This should explain why almost all industrial countries like Japan, the United States and even China have very modern shipbuilding industries that utilize modern technology such as the one offered by the Faro Arm.While the Jones Act in the US has not prevailed in penalizing inefficiencies in shipbuilding, shipbuilding companies are turning to modern inventions like the Faro Arm to make sure that their ships are constructed efficiently and cost effectively. After all, the shipbuilding industry is no longer just relegated to manufacturing ships for trade, but also to manufacturing yachts and sailboats for leisure and pleasure.Boat building has never been more streamlined with the use of the Faro Arm which can easily check the shapes of fiber glass, align drive shafts or inspect sailboat 2D or even 3D designs. A racing yacht’s side walls can now be properly measured with the use of the Faro Arm.

imperative tool in modern boat construction and ship building and the manufacturers have a lot of options including the Faro Laser Scanner Focus 3D, the Faro Laser Tracker Vantage and the other portable devices for CMM. The export industry is one of the industries heavily dependent on the technology offered by the various Faro Arms. These arms serve as precision measurement tools that are used by shipbuilders in the assembly of fishing boats, cruise ships and other marine vessels. The highest standard of shipbuilding quality is exercised with the help of the Faro Edge ScanArm, specifically when it comes to the fabrication of ship parts.No one can deny that reverse engineering stands to benefit from the technology brought about by the portable measuring tools like the Faro Arm. And no one will dispute that almost all the industries that keep the world economies evolving and sustaining, stand to benefit from the perfection of reverse engineering. With the precise 3D measurement technology offered by the Faro Arm, it is no surprise that it is now a lot easier to inspect shipbuilding components and verify the quality of shipbuilding products.