Routine Health Assessments

Routine health assessments are a vital part of our services as a companion vet hospital. We meticulously examine your pet’s vital signs, screen for early signs of disease, and evaluate their cardiovascular health. Our team of compassionate professionals at the countryside vet champion makes certain that
these assessments are as stress-free as possible, setting the standard for patient comfort and care in a companion veterinary hospital.
Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention

We cannot overstate the importance of vaccinations and parasite prevention in maintaining your pet’s health. At Companion Animal Hospital, each vaccination protocol is customized to suit your pet’s unique lifestyle and exposure risks. Meanwhile, our parasite prevention programs protect against a variety of threats, from fleas and ticks to heartworms—crucial for an active life in the outdoors.

Every visit to our companion veterinary hospital or to the companion pet clinic Vancouver WA location is an opportunity to strengthen the health defense of your pet. Our holistic approach ensures that, from simple check-ups to complex health strategies, your pet receives the finest care available at a premier companion animal veterinary hospital.