Why the steel output of our country, but not like Germany, the United States realizing synchronization of steel and steel power?

First, China’s investment in the iron and steel industry and a lot of. Construction of many world-class large steel mills in our country, and even appeared in anshan, maanshan and panzhihua, on the basis of steel mills and formation of the city.

Secondly, the research and development spending is no less than of our country. On November https://npfinancials.com.au/
10, 2015, a German study shows that at present, the research and development investment in the United States, accounting for 28% of the world, China accounted for 20%, the European Union (19%), Japan (10%), other countries addition was 23%.

Again, a lot of talent cultivation in China. Kuo-chih Chou understand other countries to professional steel is only part of the department university, and our country special steel class university is a lot of Settings, such as Beijing university of science and technology, wuhan university of science and technology, anhui university of technology, baotou, science and technology university, jiangxi university of science and technology, etc. “From this point of view, we metallurgy talented person’s raise is not backward, and has trained a large number of students. A few days ago, according to a statistics of the global experts have 7.8 million people, the eu accounted for 22%, China accounted for 19%, the United States (16.7%), it also suggests that Chinese people a lot.” Kuo-chih Chou said.

Finally, we do follow the forefront of technology. Kuo-chih Chou explained: “we always keep up with cutting-edge technology, not only can even spend money to buy. From my experience, the early stage of the development of Chinese steel industry, although also continues the self study, but always can not reach the best level, can only buy from abroad advanced technology. So, cutting-edge technology we are followed, but did not catch up with.”

Since investment a lot, a lot of fund, a lot of talent training, technical follow-up, so why not become a steel superpower China?

“Personally, I think, ‘weight is not heavy is our country iron and steel industries and enterprises on the concept of a major problem, hindered our country become a steel superpower. For a long time, we are all’ rush ‘, focus on scale is better than a focus on quality.”