There is much evidence these days of people rushing into things without taking sufficient time to think. The consequences are usually not too detrimental, although sometimes the effect is less than pleasing.



I know myself that I have a rather short fuse when I encounter answering systems which leave you Michael Emery
Michael J. Emerydangling for an indefinite time and when you eventually get through to a human they cannot put you through to the correct department! Another “pet hate” which I have is directed at companies who clearly have a policy of never apologizing, no matter what they have done.


I was reminded of how angry people can get for little reason these days when I received the following e-mail:-



“Your relaxing sample that you sent to my email does not work!! Send me one that does. If you don’t then we know that you’re a big, fat fraud!!!”


Now, I don’t know how you would have reacted, but I found myself taking a step back and wondering what on earth had gotten into this person. Before responding I checked the code on their e-mail, clicked on the link and checked what happened; it downloaded immediately onto my desktop. I then checked the sound quality of each track and it was perfect. I then emailed the person back, thanking them for getting in touch and asking if they would elaborate upon the issues they had encountered. I also pointed out that the



I find myself wondering why this person was so rude. They had clicked on a link for an entirely free product, had encountered an issue in downloading (which looks as if it was caused by them not following the simple instructions which accompanied their codes), and then sent a rudely worded e-mail in which they did not see fit to include a “please” or “thank you” whilst at the same time inferring that I was committing a fraud.


I suspect that this person has had some negative experiences with internet purchases in the past and when the didn’t appear to work immediately, they quickly dashed off this angry note. This person had made a “pattern match” with something which had gotten them angry in the past. They were not thinking clearly when they sent the e-mail or they would no doubt have worded it in a more polite manner at least.